Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If this page didn't answer your question, feel free to contact us!

Q. How do I give financially to a project?

A. Each of our projects is unique and will have different payment methods. To know what these are, go to our "Current Projects" page, choose a project you want to support, and within the blog post for that project you will find the specific payment method(s).

Q. I want to make a suggestion for a future project. How can I do this?

A.  Easy! Email us ( Or, if it interests you, become a member and join our Whatsapp group where we will have open conversations about which projects we want to be involved in in the future. 

Q.  How much do I need to give to each project? 

A.  There will be no specific amount required to give for any of our projects, nor will you be charged to be a member of IMG Give. You are not obligated to give to or serve in certain projects in order to stay a member of IMG Give. However, we will only confirm your involvement in the projects you contributed to.

Q. What is the benefit of becoming a member of IMG Give? 

A.  You can participate in projects without being a member. However, members will have access to our Facebook and Whatsapp groups where more information will be given, more photos and videos will be shared, and we will have conversations collaborating on current and future projects. We want to involve our members by giving them the opportunity to suggest certain projects that they are passionate about, and we hope to grow to allow certain members to run specific projects. These things will only be accessable through being a member. 

Q. How can I get involved in a current project?

A.  All of our current projects will be viewable as a blog post on our Current Projects page. In each of those posts we will provide information on methods of payment for donations, as well as any opportunity there may be to give in person if you are in Guadalajara. You can be a part of a project without being a member, but if you want to feel even more involved, you can become a member through our Member Information page, and chose to join our Whatsapp group. 

Q. I am in Guadalajara and want to volunteer in person. What opportunities are there for me?

A.  Each of our projects will be a little bit different. Some of them will have opportunities to give in person in Guadalajara, and others will be based solely on giving. Check out our Current Projects page to see what kind of projects we have going right now. 

Q. I am a medical student doing rotations in the US/Puerto Rico. How can I be involved?

A. One of our intentions in starting IMG Give was to give our classmates opportunities to participate in meaningful outreach projects from no matter where they are. Although we understand that in-person service can feel so much more impactful than giving from afar, we know that what so many organizations need to function is not more volunteers, but more funds. Our members that are far away are absolutely integral in what we do, and make IMG Give what it is. Visit our Current Projects page, find a project you're interested in giving in, and read the blog post to find out just how to do that. 

Q. Is IMG Give only for medical students? Can I contribute if I am not a student or if I am graduated?

A.  IMG Give is for everyone! It was created with our medical student classmates in mind, but we hope that we get all sorts of people involved!