Mario Lopez


My name is Mario Lopez. I am from Nogales located in both Arizona and Sonora. I have a chemistry degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, playing and watching soccer. Go Mexico and Liverpool!!  

Being in medical school has given me a unique perspective on medicine and how it affects the community. Our goal for IMG Give is to bring this experience closer to our participants. I am looking forward to collaborating with our participants to see how we can make this world a little bit better.  


Von Marie Torres Irizarry 


My name is Von Marie Torres Irizarry. I am from Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. I have a biology degree from the University of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and I am now currently in my first year of medical school in Mexico.

With this pandemic, many low- income communities are being affected, not able to uphold themselves and their families. For this particular reason, I felt the need to make a change and give the best of me. 


Naomi Graham


My name is Naomi Graham. I was born and raised in Alaska, went to school at the University of Washington in Seattle, and am now enjoying every second of living in the beautiful country of Mexico. I love to swim, visit coffee shops, and snuggle with my dog Ronin. My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life. 

I am so excited about IMG Give and my greatest hope is that it helps both the communities in need around Mexico, as well as all my amazing and hard-working friends that I've met here in Mexico.

William Baumann

Media Team

My name is William Baumann I am a Canadian student with a degree in biomedical physiology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I enjoy playing sports, working with kids and helping those with physical disabilities.

I believe IMG Give is an incredible platform that allows people to achieve their own unique experience wherever they may be. These collection of experiences will help other people render a unique contribution to their local community. I am excited to be a part of this group and helping it grow to its greatest potential.


Roxana Urrutia 


Hi! My name is Roxana Urrutia. I am a Peruvian-American from Los Angeles, California with preferred gender pronouns she/her. I previously studied Human Biology at the University of California, San Diego and am currently a MS1 in Mexico. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, working out, and watching YouTube videos. 

With the collaboration of other IMG Give participants, I hope to assist underserved communities in the US and Mexico. I believe that together we can make a meaningful impact.

Laura Santos

Media Team

My name is Laura Santos. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology from Stockton University. Currently, I’m a first-year medical student in Mexico. During my free time, I enjoy painting and watching movies. 

I have a deep passion for helping my community, especially those that are medically underserved. I know that it’s not enough to just focus on the communities here in the United States, but to also dive deep in my roots and help communities in the country where my family immigrated from. I strong believe that IMG Give will make an enormous impact in Mexico.

*** All your personal information will be kept confidential and only used by IMG Give to communicate with you.

*** All your personal information will be kept confidential and only used by IMG Give to communicate with you.

Carlos Andres Espinosa

Media Team - Graphic Design


Nalishka Villafañe García 

Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Nalishka M. Villafañe García and I am from Puerto Rico. I obtained a biology degree at the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao campus, and as of right now I am currently in my second year of medical school in Mexico. 

I am excited to form part of the IMG Give community and I want to give all my support. One of the things that caught my attention is their concern about the communities in Mexico and how they took action upon it. The possibility they offer of being able to give support under the current situation of the pandemic is an inspiration and true altruism.

Yazmin Ramos

Hola! My name is Yazmin Ramos (preferred to be called by my second name which is Narlyn); a proud Puerto Rican student with a B.S. in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. Additionally, I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree (online) in healthcare administration concentrated in leadership and organizational development at Walden University along with a medical degree in Mexico. One of the things I most enjoy, other than studying, is reading and creating poems, engaging in domestic tourisms, and traveling. 

What came to my attention with IMG Give is that it collaborates with communities in need. And the way this is accomplished is by letting the same participants of this beautiful organization explore their strengths by creating and leading projects. I consider the best professionals are those who are inter-disciplined with a warm touch of humanism. IMG Give helps us achieve this and much more!

Media Team

Hello! My name is Carlos Andres Espinosa I am a Puerto Rican student with a master’s degree in Immunology/Microbiology from the University of Texas in San Antonio. I’m hoping to become a pathologist and apply all I have learned researching in a lab in my medical studies! I enjoy drawing cartoons in my free time and playing video games (when I can get away with it).

Its really exciting to be a part of a group such as IMG Give, especially in a time where I believed my opportunities to reach out and help had been depleted. I am hoping by collaborating with IMG Give that I will still be able to make at least a small difference in these troubled times. I am glad to have an outlet to put my artistic hobbies to good use and am excited for what this group will be capable of.

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