“IMG Give” is a community created by students in Mexico that will allow us to give back to a community that has given us so much. COVID-19 has upturned the world in 2020, most people had to change their lifestyle and plans. As students, we lost the ability to attend classes in person and many of us left Mexico to be at home during these hard times. This robbed us of the opportunity to volunteer and receive valuable patient care experience along with being able to help the people of this great country. IMG Give is our way of being able to organize ourselves so as to be able to do something positive in not just Mexico, but wherever our friends might be, even if that is the comfort of our homes. Our short-term plan is to facilitate the donations from students and their families and friends so as to be able to support organizations around us who are already making incredible impact in Mexico. Many of such organizations are currently providing dozens of communities in need around us with services such as medical care, education, meals, and more. Our long-term goal includes taking the interests and passions of our members and creating our own unique projects that could potentially extend outside of Mexico. We believe this platform could provide valuable experience for motivated people who would like to make a difference.  

- Mario Lopez, Co-Founder of IMG Give


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